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South Carolina Estate Tax Calculator

Welcome to the Farina Law Firm Estate Tax Calculator.  Our Estate Tax Calculator is an educational tool that allows you to enter financial variables related to assist you in understanding how Federal Estate Taxes and South Carolina Estate Taxes are calculated; and to show you how changing variables may change the result. South Carolina does not implement estate taxes, so your South Carolina estate tax estimate will be $0.

Annual growth rate of your estate

Estimated Date of Death

Assets in Your Name

Personal Assets


(e.g., bank account(s), personal property)

Investment Assets


(e.g., real estate, retirement investment(s), non-retirement investment(s))

Business Assets


(e.g. business ownership interest(s))

Your Liabilities

Mortgage(s), Loans, Other


(e.g. home(s), equity loans, auto loans, credit card(s))

Charitable Bequests from Your Estate

Total Bequests


Farina Law Firm provides this Estate Tax Calculator as an educational tool to assist clients in understanding the calculation of Federal Estate Taxes and South Carolina Estate Taxes, based on variables provided by the client. It does not take all factors into consideration and the Estate Tax Calculator should not be relied upon as legal advice or to determine an estate's tax liability. Clients should seek the advice of a competent attorney to determine whether and how much estate tax liability may be applicable in specific situations. Note that in addition to estate taxes, an estate in South Carolina may be subject to New York Inheritance Tax, federal and South Carolina income taxes, and other liabilities.

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